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DR. Wanda M.



In 2013 I was moved to begin a holistic approach to strengthen the families in my community.  I felt God was directing me in this matter by the love he showed me. I felt this love should be shared to my brothers and sisters of all nationalities.  

Wand Road To Success is a two- fold business to provide opportunities, education through empowerment in the New Jersey area and beyond.

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The company CEO is Wanda Thomas have extensive experience empowering others in the Tri-State area through her influence in several local communities as a public motivational speakers, life coaches, and the Samaritan Rescue Chaplain Ministry.  They offer empowerment classes in leadership, crisis management, 21st century life skills.

Wanda Road To Success believes that the best way out of poverty is not a hand out from the government but entrepreneurial education and opportunities.

Wanda currently holds a Doctorate in Theology and Masters in Divinity and Pastoral Counselor. She is an Ordained Minister with Universal Life Church and Certified Chaplain with Samaritan Rescue International.  She is a License  wedding officiant.  Wanda hold certifications

in Christian counselor, Adolescence behavior, Addiction and Recovery, Mental Illness Coaching, Relationship and Family Building.  She is a member of.

American Association of Christian Counselor




Mission Statement

In a world where opportunities are endless, it can be easy to lose your focus. Staying centered so that you can maximize your potential is key!
I wanted to share my success and help others to create their own pathways to their goals, and so Wanda’s Road to Success and GR8 Wisdom Unlimited was born. This grew as God increased her territories.  Her services include: relationship management, family, through counseling,  workshops for teens and singles, join Chaplain Wanda on, every Sunday at 1:00 pm.

When you come to us, you become empowered. You do not have to accept poverty, come to us, so we can help you overcome those struggles holding you back. Invest in yourself and watch God increase your territory! 

Wanda Road To Success - bringing hope, love and prosperity, back into our community.

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