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Counseling Service Online

Dr. Wanda Thomas mission is to empower others to live richer lives through her podcasting, speaking, teaching, and advocacy work. She has a passion for breaking cycles of dysfunction in families and individuals by helping them shed the burden of childhood trauma and hatred.  The healing process begins with the transforming of the mind and discovering the authentic self of each individual.  Dr. Thomas has positioned herself as a license, wedding officiate, Certified chaplain, ordain minister, and  certified counselor so  she could help others discover that the foundations we build will determine our legacy. 

We do remote services through zoom and personal visits.  If you or a family member would like to have counseling session with Dr. Wanda Thomas please go to contact information.


Shamir Tyson 21 Oct 2020

Dr. Thomas is amazing!!! The way she mix the spiritual aspect with the psychological, honestly gave me more than I ever expected to get from counseling. .. She made it very comfortable and made it easy for me to open up about things wouldn’t normally share with anyone. There was no judgment on her behalf only guidance and direction...

Keith 21 Oct 2020

Working with Wanda has been a wonderful experience. Her care for humanity and her drive to see one improve his or her life goes without question. I appreciate the wealth of knowledge she brings and I have been a direct recipient of it. She have masterfully used her life expectancy and her training to be impactful to my life and I highly recommend her as someone that you will also appreciate working with as she too I believe will impact your life positively..

Michele 20 Oct 2020

Dr. Wanda Thomas has a good understanding of the Bible and a love for people. She uses the word of God to help others create the life they dream of for themselves. She operates in Love and Kindness and is motivated to get her clients to a place of peace, love, and happiness.

Danae 09 Oct 2020

Wanda has been very supportive and flexible with my situation. She is always available and easy to get in touch with. Talking to her is very uplifting and she wants to help. She shows that she truly and genuinely cares for her clients well being and will offer any prayer, guidance and advice that she can so that we can develop a more healthy relationship with ourselves, others, and with God. I really appreciate all she is doing for me.

L. Torres 07 Oct 2020

Very accommodating, pleasant demeanor, understanding and has a GREAT spirit! My significant other and I truly enjoyed our first session and are excited to continue working with Gr8 Wisdom Ultd. She helped us to incorporate all that we're looking for; to help us effectively communicate and grow as a positive unit!

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